Daily Dose of Coach #114: 10 Ways to Know You Are Living in Your Strengths

The beauty of being passionate about what you do is you can't help but give it to other people. You become infectious. There's a certain energy about you. And in doing that, you inspire others to find that in themselves.

This passion is driven by the activities you choose to do daily. These activities are either a strength or a weakness.  Leadership expert Markus Buckingham explains a weakness is "any activity that leaves you weaker after you've done it."  A strength, on the other hand, is the opposite.  When you are done doing an activity in your strength you feel stronger, more energized, even if the effort was 10 times greater than that spent on a weakness.

Your life will be much more fulfilled, inspiring, and productive if you spend more activities in your strengths than your weaknesses.

Here are ten ways to know you are working in your strengths:

1) When you wake up, excited to start your day and show the world what you can do, it's a strength.

2) When someone asks you, "What do you do?" and you feel like you’re coming out of your seat when you’re taking about it, it's a strength.

3) When you are constantly thinking about how to be more creative and improve the world, it's a strength.

4) When others tell you that you inspire them, it's a strength.

5) When you give people energy when they witness what you do, it's a strength.

6) When your idea of fun is mastering what you do, it’s a strength.

7) When you’ve got just as many critics as you have fans, it’s a strength.

8) When you do it, you find yourself in the zone, it’s a strength.

9) When time flies by and you can fully concentrate,  it’s a strength.

10) When after you’re done, you’re fulfilled, its a strength.