Daily Dose of Coach #103

"Coach, What Do You Eat?"

As my 31 Day Challenge (for my online clients) has started, a lot of participants have asked me, "Coach, what do you eat?" This is actually one of the first times I feel good about telling people what I'm going to eat, because I do a decent job staying on a schedule and making better choices.  In the picture above, is what I use for my basic plan.

However, what I eat probably isn't going to be the best thing for your 31 day plan.  But, if figured by showing you mine, it might help give you some ideas to plan your meals out.

The goal with this challenge is consistency.  By tracking everything that goes into your mouth it gives you one level of accountability.  By hooking it to my online app so I can see, that takes it to another level.

Whenever I start tracking food I try to keep it simple as possible.  That's why my wife hates when I do this because she says everything I eat is so "blah." I try to keep each of my meals with one protein, one starchy carb and one fibrous carb. And I use limited sauces, condiments, seasoning or anything else that makes it tastes better.  I try to eat things in their natural state as much as possible.

The bottom line is tracking food works.  I've seen it work for lots of people and it has worked for me.  With four kids we have plenty of snack foods like goldfish and fruit snacks.  Normally, I may take a handful of both and engulf them when I walk into the kitchen.  When I have to track it, i don't.

If you're interested, you can still join my online challenge.  The cut off date is March 15th.