Daily Dose of Coach #116: How Bad Do You Want It?

This past weekend I listened to a podcast about a speed coach's motivational and training tactic he used in preparing his NFL combine athletes.  He would give them simple drills do to for, at first, 20 seconds per night building up to 30 minutes per night.  

He would ask his guys, "How bad do you want it?"  Then he would tell them exactly what they needed to do to get there.  Everything he asked them to do was simple, something to reinforce what they had been learning in their practice session.  He would ask them to get in front of the mirror, starting with 20 seconds, building to 30 minutes a day, and just work on their arm mechanics (for speed). 

When they returned the next day for practice he would ask them if they did the drills.  If they didn't, he simply would tell them not to bitch at him when they weren't where they wanted to be.

I love the coaching strategy of giving simple drills or simple tasks for my clients to perform on their own.  They help give more reinforcement in a skill, an opportunity to burn more calories when attempting to lose weight, or build on anything else you are trying to achieve. And most importantly, clarify their commitment.

There's an old saying that, "success leaves clues."  These clues are usually found in the extra small things you are willing to do.  All of these things add up.  Like taking a 30 minute walk after dinner, like tracking what you eat every day, like practicing your jump shot or arm mechanics in front of the mirror 30 every night before you go to bed.  The difference between good and great is nothing more than the EXTRA commitment, effort, and work you put into your goal.

How bad do you want it?

What can you add, starting with 20 seconds and building to 30 minutes a day, to reinforce your commitment and dedication to your goal?