Daily Dose of Coach #118: Your Most Valuable Asset

At my daughters first spring soccer practice there was a young boy (probably 10 years old) who displayed just about everything that is wrong with youth sports today.  During the scrimmage, his team was losing.  My daughter and another girl happened to be on his team.  He was pouting, almost crying, walked over to his parents and said, "I'm the only good player, girls suck and why do I always get the kids who suck on my team."

As I'm watching this, I'm expecting to see his father rip him off the field and never see him again. But instead, the mother and father console the kid, telling him it's okay, he just needs to do his best...

You can imagine, as someone who has coached his fair share of athletes, the discomfort and anger that bellowed inside of me. My daughter asked me why the kid keeps telling us we suck.  I just told her to not worry about him and that this will probably be the last team he ever plays on.  She ended up scoring a goal while the other kid just pouted around the field.  And at the end of the practice, the coach had to talk the kid in to joining the after practice huddle.

I'm sure this may be an extreme case, but I'm seeing it more and more.  Just like coach Auriemma talks about in the video above.  Attitude is your most valuable asset.  Body language is a by-product of attitude.  And it crosses over to anything and everything that you do in your life.

Coach Aruiemma said, "Recruiting kids that are really upbeat and loving life and love the game, and have this tremendous appreciation for when their teammates do something well, that’s hard. That’s hard. It’s really hard." Kids looking to be recruited, play sports at a high level, or any level at that need to understand that this is their greatest value as a teammate.  No their ability, not their talent, but their attitude.

Same goes for business.  A great attitude is worth more than any product you are trying to sell. Author or the book Sell or Be Sold, Grant Cardone wrote, "People will spend more for an agreeable, positive and enjoyable experience than they will ever pay for a great product."

It's always worth giving yourself an attitude check.  Most of the time if you have skills to be paid or recruited at a certain level, but it's just not happening, the problem isn't your ability, it's your attitude. 

Parents, let your kids watch this video. Teach your kids about their most valuable asset. Adults, don't forget this next time you are bitching and moaning. Don't get involved in all that and keep focusing on enhancing the lives of other people, appreciating the opportunities in front of you and doing your best to maximize them.