Daily Dose of Coach #122


I've interviewed 100's of people before starting a workout program. During these interviews when I ask them how their diet is going, many times, I get two responses:  1) "Not great." and 2) "My problem is wine at night."

When I dig deeper I'll find it's not one, but more than likely one and a half, or two glasses that helps them take the edge off in the evening.  

I don't believe wine is a problem, in moderation, just like anything else.  There have actually been studies show that a glass of wine before bed can help you loose weight (it was in shape magazine, so I'm not sure how much of that article was just taking anything positive about wine they could find, so don't get too excited.)

When you are trying to lose weight the goal is to limit, while improving, the quality of the calories taken in. So, beverages containing alcohol may not be the best choice. 

For example, the bottle of wine I have sitting in my kitchen has a calorie content of 125 calories per 5 oz serving.  If I am a female attempting to lose weight, I may be working with a daily calorie count of 1250.  Two glasses of this wine at night (if I keep it to 5oz each) ends up being 20% of my caloric intake for the day.  I would not consider this the quality of nutrients you need to spend on 20% of your goal for the day.

Though wine does pose some health benefits, either eliminating it or moving from one to two glasses per night to one or two per week will be your best bet for helping you lose weight.

There's a well done and simple article called, "Can You Lose Weight by Drinking Wine, on livestrong.com, that gets into a little more detail about this subject. 

And here is another article that gives you 16 wines at 120 calories or less per serving,