Daily Dose of Coach 124: Strength Game Changers

Strength Game Changers

You might remember back in the day when you went to the doctor and they measured you at the 97th percentile of size for your age.  Or maybe it was in your school standardized achievement tests, where you were compared to others with percentiles in math, comprehension and whatever else. The same things that parents still brag about their kids today on every playground I go to. 

Either way,  if you had some competitive juice, being in the above average percentile of anything gave you a little more swag to your step.  Bottom line is it's always fun to be above average.  Sometimes its a gift of genetics from your parents but many times it's a testament to your focus, commitment and work ethic.

Dan John, one of my favorite strength coaches in the world, has a list of strength standards and game changers for men and women.  For women, it's all game changers.  For men, there is also an expected standard.  If you are going to get into the game changer category in any of these, more than likely, you are going to have to earn it.  Check it out and see how close or far away you might be.


Push: Game Changer = Body weight bench press

Pull: Game Changer = Three Pull-Ups

Hinge: Game Changer = 275-pound deadilift

Squat: Game Changer = 135lb squat for 5 reps

Loaded Carries: Game Changer = 85lbs per hand

Get-Up: Game Changer = One left and right, done with a half-filled cup of water


Push: Expected = Bodyweight Bench Press

Game Changer = Bodyweight Bench Press x 15 reps

Pull: Expected = 5 pull-ups

Game Changer = 15 pull-ups

Hinge: Expected = Bodyweight to 150% bodyweight deadlift

Game Changer = 2 x Bodyweight Deadlift

Squat: Expected = Bodyweight Squat

Game Changer = Bodyweight Squat for 15 reps

Loaded Carry: Expected = Farmer walk with total bodyweight (half in hand)

Game Changer = Bodyweight per hand

Get-Up: Game Changer = One left and right hand, done with a half-filled cup of water