Daily Dose of Coach #105: Burpees Suck?

Yes, of course Burpees suck.  My friend and one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world, Mike Boyle, thinks so too but for a different reason.

In this article he posted yesterday called, Burpees - The World's Dumbest Exercise , he says he asks himself, "Why? every time he sees a burpee done.

I remember when burpees starting to become a popular exercise a few years back.  I'm not sure who named them burpees.  To me, they were Up Downs, The exercise our football coach used to make us do over and over as either punishment or "conditioning." He'd blow his whistle and we'd slam ourselves to the ground and get back up.

So my first reaction to the burpee was very negative.  Mostly because of bad memories.

Mike goes into writing about the risk/reward factor of doing burpees.  There is a lot of wrist and shoulder impact.  And you do see a lot of bad form and lumbar spines moving all over the place. 

That being said, my adult programming has minimal burpees involved. But, because of this article, I had to ask myself "Why?" I think the first answer that just automatically popped into my head was, "because they suck (just being honest)."

It's funny because if you asked me if an athlete should do them I would say that is the stupidest idea I've ever heard.  

I'm not sure if I'll get rid of burpees in my adult programming.  Mostly because I'm pretty good about knowing who should and shouldn't do them.  But, it's always good when someone like Mike writes an article like this.  Maybe those who have never thought about the risk/reward or this exercise can take a deeper look into why they use it. I know I did. They may realize a lot of their clients feel like the woman in the video below!