Your Daily Dose of Coach #106: Goal Board Grave Yard

Goal Board Grave Yard

Last Friday, as I was leaving one of the gyms I use, I looked up and saw a large, framed white piece of construction paper with the name "Goals!" printed in the middle of it.

Instead of grabbing my backpack and walking out, I stopped for a few moments to study the board.  All over the board were written goals, apparently by members of the gym.  There were weight loss goals, pants size goals, the "I want to look good" goals and many more.  

These types of goals are fun to write down when first starting. For some reason people get excited about writing their goals on big giant boards. It's like if you write them on the wall or a board, your commitment level will jump up a notch.

I wondered how many of these goals have already been laid to rest?  Did any of these goals actually go any further than that piece of paper? How many of these members were even members anymore? 

I'm not trying to be a goal setter killjoy.  I'm a believer is setting goals.  But it's much more than just the fun process of writing them down.  A goal is nothing more than a problem you wish to solve.  The size of the problem determines the size of the process you will need to take.  It's about determining the issues that have already contributed to the problem that exists and then developing a strategy to create improvement towards that goal.

It bothered me that day when I looked up and saw what I knew was a graveyard of goals. And it reminded me to re-evaluate the processes and strategies of the things I wanted to achieve.  Whatever your goal(s) are today, instead of thinking of them as some far off hope that would be awesome if it happened, make it happen!

Identify the problem and what's currently contributing to it, develop a new process, trust the process, commit to the process and hammer that process everyday.  That's how goals are achieved.