Your Daily Dose of Coach #107: If You Want to Lose Weight, DO THIS

If you want to change your body composition the number one thing you need to do is get your diet under control.  Of all the clients I've ever worked with, the ones who tracked their food had far more success than the once who did not.

It's not even about tracking calories. It's about awareness. The awareness of what you are putting into your body everyday.  Most of the time, we eat more than we think we do.  Whether it's taking it in through fluid calories like 1 to 2 to 3 glasses of wine, to the slow snacking of cookies or crackers around the house.

There were two studies I found regarding tracking. The first was 1800 men and woman over a six-month period showing that those who tracked their food lost 50 percent more weight than their counterparts. The second was a study done on 1685 overweight adults.  The participants engaged in a diet and exercise program and were encouraged to track their food. The ones who tracked lost twice as many pounds as those who didn't.

In my experience, those who've participated in my programs and tracked their food using myfitnesspal had the exact results. This is why I always encourage people who are looking to change their body composition to utilize this tool, especially when beginning their program.

I hear the excuse all the time saying, "It's a pain in the butt to track all my food everyday" or "It's annoying to have to figure out exactly how much I have to put in" or the best, "I already eat good, I don't need to do that."

I say, you're just not committed to solving your problem. And if you just workout, you'll probably lose 5 pounds over the next 6 months and be pissed off you're not getting to your goal quick enough.

Bottom line is this.  What you track gets results.  You may not be perfect in your tracking but it will do things like stopping you in your tracks before grabbing a handful of cheezits or having another glass of wine at dinner. 

My 31 Day Cut Challenge is all about tracking your food.  You can sign up for the challenge for only $25 for the first month and receive all your training programs through my app. The offer stands through March 15th. To beat the challenge, all you have to do is track your food through myfitnesspal for 31 days in a row.