Your Daily Dose of Coach #108: The "Do Something" Principle

In the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#$%, Mark Mason writes about a novelist who had written over 70 novels.  He was asked how he was able to stay motivated and inspired to write this type of volume.  

His answer was, "200 crappy words per day." Every day he would get up and force himself to write 200 crappy words.  By just starting with 200 words it would begin to inspire him and he would end up with 1000 words on his page. 

As someone who writes daily, I get this.  Never in a million years would I of thought I would be writing my 108th daily email when I started. When I first committed to it, I thought it was kind of crazy.  But the commitment to action is what inspires me, not the action itself.


The author of this book wrote, "Success in anything is tied less to knowledge or talent, and tied more to action supplemented by knowledge and talent.  You can become successful at something without knowing what you're doing. But you can never become successful at anything without taking action. Ever."

I've been apart of stories where 100's of pounds were lost starting with one walk around the block.  The next day it was a little further.  And a year later, the person was 100lbs down and running miles. 

Action leads to inspiration which leads to motivation. If you think you are lacking the motivation to do something important in your life than just do something, do anything. Only then will you see how small daily actions can motivate you to start changing your entire life.