Your Daily Dose of Coach: Get Your Hip Hinge Right

Watching inexperienced lifters do hip hinge exercises can be quite a nightmare.  These exercises include kettlebell swings, deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, etc.

Right out of the gate you can see they can't shift their weight posterior, establish the right angle for the knee bend or draw their hips backward.  This leads to either a really poor looking squat type motion, or a rounded back set up for all types of injury and back pain (see picture above). 

Hip hinging is a foundational movement, but it is not a squat.  Simply stated, during the squat, the knees bend and hips move up and down.  During the hinge, their is minimal knee bend and the hips move back (shoot your butt towards the wall behind you).

If you're struggling with this pattern, cleaning it up is essential to training for a strong and powerful posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back muscles).  Here is a link to an great article by strength coach Tony Gentilcore called How to Hip Hinge Like a Boss.  It breaks down (with videos) some great progressions on how you can start mastering the hip hinge movement.