Daily Dose of Coach 131: A Following Vs. A Job

A Following vs.  A Job

Tony Robbins said, "Leaders are masters of influence; they know how to propel themselves and others to move forward in life. In order to influence people, they know what already influences them. They know who they are, what their ‘brand’ is, and who they are to others. As a result, they influence others to set a new standard for themselves."

Leadership expert John Maxwell says, "Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less."

Being able to influence allows you to create a following.  People who believe in who you are, what you represent and what you have to offer.  They first buy into you, then buy into your vision or mission. 

I've had many trainers and coaches say to me, "I'm not sure how you've continued to move to different gyms and maintain your level of production. I would never be able to do that."

What they are telling me is that they have created, for themselves, a job. They go to work and trade time for money.  Their ability to continue showing up, displaying hints of enthusiasm, not rocking the boat and being known as reliable, can help them keep that job for a very long time.  Their levels of influence don't reach much further than office politics or setting the basic standards of employment existence.

My advice to people who aspire to lead and influence is to continue to grow daily.  To discover through trials, failures and focus, who they truly are.  With that, as Robbins says, you understand who you are to others and have the ability to influence new standards in other people's lives.

That being said, there's nothing wrong with just having a job.  It's responsible, honorable and needed.  But, if you really want to make an impact in others lives, make it your mission to continually chip away at who you are.   Grab onto your passion, set ridiculously high standards for yourself, get really good at what you do, take major action on your mission, then influence others to follow your lead. 

Your example, your standards, you character, just who you are, will change people's lives and you will always have a following, never a job.