Daily Dose of Coach #136: The Link Between Training and Success

The Link Between Training and Success

More confidence, built in daily training (body, mind, and spirit) have all been linked, in one way or the other, to the highest paid and most successful individuals.  In my observation of successful individuals, there are a few primary characteristics that stand out in these people:

  • They have an over-optimistic and almost unrealistic belief in what they do.
  • They have supreme confidence in themselves, almost to a fault.
  • They are obsessive in their preparation in everything they do including physically training their body.
  • They have a way to escape or relax their obsessive, idea driven mind, and can calm their “demons” through spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer.
  • They live with a purpose and have the extreme ability to focus on how to accomplish this purpose.
  • They fail and fail and fail and refuse to give up no matter what.
  • They never take no for an answer

Training your body has an amazing and powerful effect on sustaining the characteristics of a highly successful individual.  If your goal is to be the best at what you do, to become the most valuable person you can become, why wouldn’t you take your health, energy, and confidence more seriously?

And if being the best, making more money, and living a more productive and influential life are important to you, than maybe these 6 reasons can help change your thoughts on it.

1.  Training Improves Level’s of Energy:  Health is energy.  What is the real point of health?  It is efficiency.  It is your physical body performing at it’s highest levels to create and sustain the energy to deliver your purpose to the world.  Thomas Fuller simply stated, “The difference between men is energy.”

2.  Training Improves Focus and Concentration:  Recent studies have shown that even one bout of exercise (even better than caffeine) can improve your mental and cognitive performance throughout the day. The long term response improves brain chemicals critical in expanding new nerve connections and brain tissue in the area of the brain for higher learning.

3.  Training Improves Sense of Achievement:  Successful people thrive on getting things done and personal achievement.  In all aspects of their life, they compete.  After completing your training there is always a sense of accomplishment.  Over time, persevering through a training regimen will do wonders for your confidence and your overall desire to improve will be apparent.

4.  Training Improves Physical Appearance: Training improves body image and physical appearance.  Feeling attractive never hurts when speaking of confidence.  Though confidence is much more than looks, how you perceive your body changes your presence. 

5.  Training Improves Transitions in Mindset:  Success, focus, and perseverance can bring high amounts of stress.  At the highest levels it can be unbearable, even lethal.  Training, like mediation, gives the mind a break.  It can improve anxious, negative, and depressive thoughts by releasing chemical substances resulting in positive feelings and helping to relieve stress.

6.  Training Improves Your Attendance: People who train are generally more healthy than their counterparts. By building immunity and decreasing your chances of major health risks, you show up more often.  You not only show up, but you show up with energy and purpose.  The more days you show up, the more impact you make, the more successful you can become.