Daily Dose of Coach #137: Relationships and Results

Relationships and Results


I was speaking with a co-worker of mine last night and explaining to him that there were two words I use when I speak of success in my industry, "relationships and results."

Actually, it's in any industry.  Understanding what a quality relationship is and learning to build them is what gives the other person trust in you. Great personal relationships ebb and flow in what each person gives to the other.  But in business relationships, it's a little different.  You have to always be thinking on how you can add value and give to the people buying your service in any way possible. 

Once you are able to develop these relationships, that gives you a chance to deliver results.  And the results you give are based upon three things:

1.  Knowledge and care the results the person is looking for.

2. Competence in being able to deliver these results

3. Ability to influence the person to commit, believe in and trust the process in getting these results.

If you are great at relationships but can't deliver results, you'll just be thought of as a really nice person.  It will be hard for your clients to leave you, but they eventually will.  It will be like a, "I think we should just be friends" break-up.

If you are bad at relationships but good at results, you'll be the person people just have to put up with.  You're more than likely arrogant, not pleasant to be around, and think those people are lucky to have you rather than the other way around. Once people get what they want from you, they'll just disappear. More like the, "I'm just going to avoid them and hope they disappear" break-up.

Be great in both relationships and results.  If you do, you'll always have a business, a following and help a lot of people in the process.