Daily Dose of Coach #138: Adventurous Vegetables

Adventurous Vegetables


I really suck at cooking healthy.  The way that I combat this is just eat things as in their nature state as possible.  It's fine for me. Boring is something I decided, long ago, was a good route in things like nutrition.  But that's not the case for everyone.  In fact, my wife hates it. She thinks it's boring, tasteless, and usually figures out a way to make the really "blaw" vegetables have some flavor. It amazes me every time.

So when I saw this email from Precision Nutrition, 3 Steps to Prepping and Loving Your Veggies, I had to read and share.  It not only gives you a three step process in finding and preparing your veggies but then gives you a bunch of examples of combos for it..perfect.  Enjoy the article and your veggies.