Daily Dose of Coach #126: 3 Supplements You Might Want to Take

3 Supplements You May Want to Take

A common question I've had over the years, especially when people start their training program is, "What supplements should I take?"

My initial response is usually, "eat right?"  But over the years I've found a few important supplements that can be added that really supplement your inability to get your daily recommended dose.

1.  A Protein Supplement:  If you've ever noticed it's difficult to get the recommended amount of protein most days.  When you are training, it's advised to consume 1g of protein per body weight. However most males only ingest 110-130, while most females are around 80-110.  A good protein supplement can fill the gap.  The best way I've found to do this is two protein shakes per day.

2.  Green Foods Supplement: Fruits and vegetables are another area where we tend to fall short.  On average, only 5% of men and women meet the recommended fruit and vegetable intake of 3-5 servings per day. A good green food supplement can help you reach that goal.

3.  Fish Oils:  The average American gets only 1/3 of the recommended 900mg of DHA and EPA per day. Fish oils contain DHA and EPA which are healthy fats that are only found in fish oils.  Fish oils have been shown to help prevent and manage heart disease, lower blood pressure and reduce chances of heart attack and stroke.