Daily Dose of Coach #127: I Am

"I Am" 

    Hall of fame coach, Vince Lombardi based his success on what he called the "Lombardi Model." This began with a simple statement, "only by knowing yourself, can you become an effective leader. It all begins with self knowledge,  the great 'I am.'"

Your own understanding or your personal values gives you the ground you stand on. It is this foundation you build your character and the ability to lead others. Lombardi stated, "from self knowledge we build character and integrity and from character comes leadership."

Why? Because knowing who you are eliminates all the things you think you need to be. It simplifies the choices you make on a daily basis.  I like to say it as, "others can, but I cannot."

Whether you know it or not, you are creating your "I am," with every choice you make. You are either healthy or you're not.  You're either a gracious or you're not. You either work hard or you don't.  And if you are a leader, you better have that "I am" established.  No one follows someone who falls in the middle , or someone who is, "I am sometimes" or "I am when I feel like it."  It's impossible to create belief when a vacuum of values exist.

What is your "I am?" Define it. Write it down.  Keep it with you at all times. Nothing is more powerful in shaping your future.