Weekly Dose of Coach #143: The Strength of a Woman

The Strength of a Woman

This past weekend I had an opportunity to reflect on some of the women I'm fortunate to have in my life.  Words like compassion, strength, tenacity, empathy, loyalty and love all kept circling through my head.  I think about the struggles they took on in their lives and how they came out on the other side more impressive than ever.  I think about the multiple responsibilities they take on, and wonder, where they found the strength.  I think about their patience and ability to put up with the other gender.  I think about watching my wife bare our children...are you kidding me!

This weekend my boys and I went to get my wife a card for mother's day. Tyson instantly found the one he wanted.  It was a picture of Wonder Woman and said something to the fact of mom being our "Super Hero." Tyson's at the age where he loves super hero's.  But it's not surprising that he recognized his mother as one.  Everything Wonder Woman has, his mom has (besides a lasso and impenetrable wrist shields). 

As far as the other women in my life go, my grandmother is in her 80's.  She lived through an abusive relationship but never once showed a sign of weakness...ever.  She also played baseball with us until she was in her 60's and would take ground balls off the chest and throw you out at first.

My mother went back to school in her 30's while raising three children and having a full time job.  I just remember her studying all night long because she didn't want to miss the time spent with us during the day.  She eventually became a nurse and started making a more money than we ever had and it changed our lives.

My sister, one of the strongest mentally and physically people I know, struggled through school.  She had some difficult relationships in her life that left her completely broken.  But now she has a family of 4 kids, has her master's degree and is a successful bi-lingual teacher.

And my wife, who has taught me more about what it takes to be great than anyone else. She walks her talk.  She puts everyone first. She is meticulous about the details. She is beauty, strength, love, patience and tenacity all rolled up into a little 5'3" bundle of fire. 

 Woman bring beauty to the world.  They bring strength in a way men cannot. The expand everything they touch.  Author John Eldredge says, "Women are the crown of creation--the most intricate dazzling creature on earth."  And I love the Marilyn Monroe quote, "Woman who seek to be equal with men, lack ambition."  She's right.  They're all right.  You are all amazing.

Happy Mother's Day.


Go Get it,