Daily Dose of Coach #146: The Company You Keep

"Want to get in shape?...Surround yourself with people who are in better shape than you. Unfortunately, this also works in reverse." Frank Nash

The people that you keep closest in your life will determine how far you go. You can only be as good as the company you keep. This begins at an early age, but the dynamics do not change as we age. The closest people in your life continue to either bring you up or drag you down.

Why is this? Because no matter who you spend your time with, they play four important roles:

1) They give you confidence or doubt: Your self-confidence is directly related to your closest relationship. If you are constantly around either one person or a group of people who are perpetually judging you, telling you you’re not good enough, or withholding unconditional love, you will eventually believe this and your self-confidence will be in jeopardy.

2) They push you to get better or drag you into laziness: Have you ever been around a really motivated person? You can’t help but become motivated yourself. Same with a lazy person. Except the lazy person convinces you that life is “all good” and you don’t have to do anything but consume it.

3) They will effect your attitude on life: Misery loves company. But so do people who have a positive attitude that are an enjoyment to be around. Everyone knows both of these kinds of people. The miserable person drains your energy every time they are in your presence. The positive people are a breath of fresh air, they make you feel like you can do anything!

4) They become a reflection of who you are: No matter if it’s your parents, friends, teammates, or colleagues, the people who we spend the most time with influence our attitudes and minds.  They way you think leads to the actions you take. This is why those you associate with most become a direct reflection of who you are.