Daily Dose of Coach #153: For the Procrastinator


"A year from now you may wish you have started today." Karen Lamb

Some evenings, when the kids are all trying to fall asleep in our bed, I find myself in my daughter's room searching for good Ted Talks to help me fall asleep. Ted talks are awesome because they're only about 15 minutes long, to the point, informative and entertaining. The other night I came across one called, Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator , by Tim Urban.

It was a topic I could relate to. I'm sure most of us can. The bulk of the topic covered three main characters that live in the procrastinator's mind, the Rational-Decision Maker, the Gratification Monkey and the Panic Monster. And how all three of these characters play a huge roll in how we approach anything important that we need to do or get done. If you have 14:03 one day, and aren't just using watching the video to procrastinate something else, watch it.

What spoke to me the most was the end when he displayed a Life Calendar (pictured above). Every row represents 3 years of life from birth to 90 years old. Every circle represents a month in our life. Looking closely, that's not many circles and not many rows. And for most of us, many of those rows have already been colored in.

I'm thinking to myself, how many of those circles have I wasted? And secondly, I'm thinking, what am I going to do with the rest of these circles?

Bottom line is life is too short to spend wasting the time doing things that get us nowhere. Life is also to short procrastinate those things we think we can start "tomorrow." These are the things that help us thrive in each of these circles, like health, personal growth and developing our closest relationships.

We give away our life to too many pointless things. Figure out where you are at on that calendar. Make the most out of each of those circles you have left. Whatever you've been procrastinating, thinking you'll start tomorrow or next week, start today.