Daily Dose of Coach #154: Is Soda Water as Good as Regular Water?


This past week I had a question from one of my online clients about soda water. She wanted to know if it counted like regular water.

Truth is, there is no replacing the benefits of plain old boring water. But adding some carbonation to it, doesn't change the fact that you're still getting the benefits of hydration. In fact, because of the carbonation, it can actually leave you filling more full after drinking it than plain water does.

Carbonated water is most beneficial for people looking to switch from the high-calorie fizzy drinks. You'll still get the same satisfaction of the fizzy bubbles but obviously not the taste. To battle this, you can add lemon, lime, mint or even a small amount of fruit juice in your transition.

If you are cool with feeling a little gassy and don't mind having the burps after your 16oz of soda water, go for it. But just remember, plain water is the best choice. I would eventually try to move from your bubble obsession to the non bubbly version.