Daily Dose of Coach #225: An Important Nutrition Lesson

I want to share with all of you my ProCoach nutrition lesson from yesterday. It was the difference between difficult-easy and difficult-hard.

Difficult-easy are those things that feel hard, but are familiar. It's most of the things we show up to everyday, do and think we should get a lot of credit for. An example would be going to a job everyday you hate.

Difficult-difficult are things that are really challenging. Those out of our comfort zone type of things. An good nutrition example might be tracking what you eat.

They listed a few ways you'll know the difference:


  • Just annoys you
  • Punches it's card
  • Stuff you do because it's there
  • Grinds you down
  • Keeps you unhappily the same
  • Keeps you in the same worn out rut


  • Scares you
  • Accomplishes something meaningful
  • Stuff you resist and avoid
  • Builds you up
  • Forces you to grow
  • Puts you on a new road

We can feel accomplished and sometimes satisfied with difficult-easy. Because they require energy, good and responsible intentions. It's easy to justify.

But success in anything is always on the other side of an uphill battle, a difficult road, or difficult-difficult tasks. A good piece of advice I've tried to incorporate is do something hard everyday.

Look again at both lists. At what percentage do you think you live in the top list? The bottom?

Whether it's nutrition or anything else, spending time in the top list will make you frustrated, living in a perpetual ground hog's day, with little or no results, feeling demotivated, and full of excuses.

The bottom list you live with a little more fear. Life will be a little harder, but much more productive. You'll fail. But in that failure you'll grown and improve.

As you go through your day recognize difficult-easy and difficult-hard. One will be something you always do, the other will be a little scary and even exciting. Try to do at least one difficult-difficult thing today.