Daily Dose of Coach #235: A Simple Diet Hack


A few weeks ago I got a new car. Nothing is better than a clean car with that new car smell.

Wanting to make this last as long as possible, I found myself making better decisions about eating. Because in a rush, I'd sometimes make a bad food choice to conveniently eat in the car.

Yes, I'm as guilty as anyone else. My rule only used to be to get something that I wouldn't be ashamed of throwing away in the gym.

A lot of you spend time in your car. And a lot of you are busy. And it's really easy to eat and drive. And if you are making this decision, the food you are getting probably isn't the best choice for your diet.

If you make the decision not to eat in the car you have to a) plan ahead, b) find someplace you have to sit down and eat (if it has a playground attached to it, go somewhere else), c) don't have to stash fast food bags in your car because you're embarrassed to throw them away where anyone may see you.

It also helps to drive a stick shift and get you car fully detailed once a month. Spending money on cleaning your car will make you more apt to not wanting to drop fries in between the seats.

I figure you can save on about 3-4 bad food choices a week. Make it a rule. Never eat in your car.