Daily Dose of Coach #220: Eating to Almost Full

Yesterday, one of my pro athletes asked me what I thought about delivered, portion-controlled, generally healthy, pre-packaged meals.

I said, I thought most of them did a good job and made things a lot easier rather having to make every meal. What the discussion led to was overeating.

This particular athlete has no problem with cooking and cooking healthy. But, as him and I discussed, when you cook for yourself and your family there's generally a lot more food than just the portions you need. This leads to seconds, thirds and as he told me, "I even had last night's risotto for breakfast this morning."

The point is to understand portion control. One of the lessons I'm going through right now in my ProCoach nutrition coaching is eating to 80% full. This simply means developing the habit of eating just a little less than normal.

When you have a plate full of food in front of you, start getting in the habit eating slowly and only eating until you're 80% full. This will save you from gouging it down and running to the kitchen for seconds.

The lesson says by developing this habit you'll learn what portion sizes work for you and what it feels like to be physically hungry, satisfied and/or full.

Give it a try at your next meal. Take your time and eat slow. Try to notice when you are 80% full. It's not about an exact number, it's just about eating less than you normally would.