DDOC #239: Why the Renegade Row?

A client asked me a few days ago, "Why is this called the Renegade Row?" Truth is, I had no idea.

I did a little internet research and the only significant thing I found is that it was named and first introduced by a coach named John Davies who owns Renegade Training . I know, I was hoping to find something more exciting too.

But, the Renegade Row is an excellent exercise to improve core stability and strength. It's essentially a progression of the full plank movement adding a dumbbell row to a dynamic 3-point plank position.

Before you even attempt a Renegade Row with dumbbells, make sure you can do a 3 point plank, plank shoulder tap and/or Renegade Row without dumbbells correctly first. By correctly I mean maintaining a stable core with minimal or no rotation during the movement.

Once you've established a strong base in a dynamic 3-point plank position, here's how to properly do the Renegade Row:

  • In the push up position hold two dumbbells directly beneath your shoulders (note: this is a core anti-extension and rotation exercise. It's not a back exercise, so use a weight where you can maintain the correct form)
  • Keep your feet wider than shoulder width and maintain level hips (meaning your butt is not too high or too low).
  • Row one dumbbell towards your hip while pushing the other dumbbell and your toes into the ground.
  • Use a slow and controlled tempo to prevent your hips from rotating.
  • Return the dumbbell to the floor in control and repeat on the other side.