Daily Dose of Coach #222: Think on This

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action." Tony Robbins

Yesterday, I was speaking with an online client about continuing to make his health a priority. This is no ordinary client. It's a person with health issues who needs exercise as not just a way to make him look and feel better, but for the health and quality of his life.

As we were ending the conversation he said, "I can do it, I just need to decide I'm going to do it."

My response was, "There's no need to decide, you just do it" (minus the expletives I added).

As you can imagine, I hear this a lot. As a matter of fact, I heard this twice yesterday. I'll start tomorrow. As soon as I'm motivated. I need to get in shape first. It's all a bunch of excuses to keep you right in your safe little comfortable place.

I love Grant Cardone's 4 levels of action:

Action 1- Doing Nothing

Doing nothing isn't just saying your are going to do something and then just sitting on your butt and making excuses. Doing nothing is an action. This is when you just hope things happen. You pray, wish and dream and let fate take care of everything.

Action 2- Retreaters

Retreaters take it a step farther than the first group. You make a decision and start taking action, then won't do the difficult things. You take short cuts. You justify everything with excuse. You want it all without a fight.

Action 3- Normal Action

80% of society operates within the first three levels of action. Talking normal action is just doing what everyone else does.You do what you need to do, what's normal, average and common. You live with normal and average results. You underestimate the level of action you must take. And you get exactly what you put into it.

Action 4- Massive Action

The top 20% live by taking massive action on a consistent basis. Massive action is taking a goal, multiplying it by 10, then taking big and focused action steps to reach that goal. Most goals we set require normal action. Massive action requires changing your mindset. It's makes you have to focus and think at another level. And most importantly, requires you to take massive, over the top action on that goal.

There's no need to get ready to do something. You've been ready. Just go do it.