Daily Dose of Coach #223: Being a Grown Up

"What makes Superman powerful is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and maturity to use the power wisely." Christopher Reeve

I have had the great fortune of training and watching many young athletes grow up and mature right before my eyes.

One of the favorite conversations I love having is the maturity talk.

Just last week I had such a talk. And it reminded me of what the great NFL linebacker, Ray Lewis said as he moved into the end of his career: "I have more excitement going to work now because now I appreciate sitting in meetings. I appreciate going to practice. I appreciate how pure the moments really are."

The athlete I spoke with above, reiterated to me about recognizing the little things that make the biggest differences. Where he was once just a talented athlete who probably thought the world owed him, he's now understanding it's the other way around. He said he's going to be the guy that takes care of his body. He's going to do the little things like, go to bed at a decent hour, get up early and be the first one to practice, help his teammates out, study film like a lunatic on every pitcher he's going to face.

He gave me examples of the best players he's observed over time. How they went about their business as professionals. He spoke about the mistakes he has made and how these actions effected how his teammates and coaches perceived him. Instead of it being all about him, he understands what he does influences everything around him, good or bad.

This was the maturity talk. I wait for many years to hear these words. And though what he told me may seem like common sense, it never is to the young and immature mind.

It's learning to appreciate the importance of the little things that mark maturity. It's realizing that there are more people on this earth besides yourself. And it's appreciating all of those details, habits you thought were pointless and the purity of all those special moments in your life.

It's being a grown up.