Weekly Dose of Coach #285: Advantages of Losing

"How you play shows some of your character. How you win or lose shows it all."

If you're like me you hate to lose. It's difficult to understand how one finds the silver lining in getting their butt kicked, especially if it happens over and over again.

As a father, it's interesting to watch how my young children deal with loss. Once the game is over, instead of it ruining the rest of their night, they are chasing the first butterfly they see, or running across the field with a big smile on their face and giving open arm hugs their little brother.

When I want to analyze the game, they just want to move on to the next thing. Their memory is so short. How I envy this mindset.

I read a funny blurb on the advantages of a losing team: 1) There is everything to hope for and nothing to fear. 2) Defeats do not disturb one's sleep. 3) An occasional victory is a surprise and a delight. 4) There is no danger of any team passing you. 5) You are not asked 50 times a day, " What was the score?”; people take it for granted that you lost.

Loss and failure happen. And losing graciously is something everyone needs to learn. Be grateful for the experience, learn your lesson, chase a butterfly for a while, open arm hug someone and move on to fight another day.