Daily Dose of Coach #254: The Speed Killer


If you are one of my online or personal clients, you may have heard me talk about interval training and high-intensity interval training as my advice for improving body composition over long slow cardio.

And when it comes to athlete's (especially basketball, baseball, football, etc.) I can't emphasize enough, DO not do slow long distance cardio.

This is the time of year I start working with individual high school baseball players on improving their 60-yard run before showcase season.

A question either parents or the athlete themselves often ask me is should I be doing some long distance running as well. Meaning miles.

The answer is NO. Unless they are 40lbs overweight and need to walk to lose weight, the answer is always NO.

My friend Mike Boyle wrote an article about this on his site strengthcoach.com some time ago and said, "No distance running. If you want your kid to suck in the winter, have him do cross-country in the fall."

Speed endurance work should be done. But according to sprint coach Charlie Francis , should be performed by young athletes only up to 150 meters."

Instead of long-distance running, young athlete's can do tempo runs to improve speed endurance. This is running at 80% for short distances, reps using a 1:2 work to rest/ratio (example: If it takes them 25 seconds to run 100-yard shuttle run, rest :50 seconds.