Daily Dose of Coach #245: Think on This - Breakfast Thoughts

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe dedicated." Anonymous

The quote above has been bastardized over the years, the words laying over the top of flexing half-naked chicks or dudes, and posted on Instagram feeds. But, I remember reading this quote somewhere before social media made it annoying. I still like it, and I believe it's still true.

Uncommitted people love to tell you that you're working too hard, to "chill out" or you need a break.

Their intentions are good, usually either looking out for you or trying to get you to join their world of procrastination and apathy.

I like to look at the two different people in a breakfast scenario. When you sit down to eat ham and eggs the pig, and the chicken has two completely different roles.

The hen plays a part in creating the eggs. However, the pig is 100% committed. While the hen's sacrifice is minimal, the pig is all in.

When it comes to commitments in your life, which are you?