Daily Dose of Coach #264: Tiger Woods

It was great to see Tiger Woods back in old form this weekend. After nine difficult years, he looked like the old Tiger again in the Valspar Championships.

Tiger seemed to be playing with the same joy as when he was dominating the golf circuit. However, you could also observe much more humility and appreciation in that joy. On a few tough shots he missed, and a few he made, he had the same response. He smiled graciously, but seemed to have a different type of determination and believe in himself.

Tiger, just like all of us, has made some critical mistakes at specific points in our lives. But as Dick Biggs, a consultant for Fortune 500 companies says, "One of the best teachers of persistence is your life's critical turning points. Expect to experience 3-9 turning points or 'significant changes' in your life. These transitions can be happy experiences...or unhappy times such as job losses, divorce, financial setbacks, health problems, and the death of loved ones. Turning points can provide perspective, which is the ability to view major changes within the larger framework or you lifetime and let the healing power of time prevail. By learning from your turning points, you can grow at a deeper level within your career and life."

Yesterday, Tiger turned some problematic experiences into a breakthrough moment. That's what life is all about. You can't run from these "significant changes" in life; they happen to everyone. You just have to accept them, let time heal, forgive yourself and others, and move forward. On the other side, you'll find humility, a new joy and more strength for the next challenge.