Daily Dose of Coach #266: That's LIfe

It's been quite the weekend. Mainly welcoming in my newest baby girl, Gianna Rose.

With a new baby comes a lot of sitting in a hospital recovery rooms waiting for bad food and revolving nurses.

Luckily my little girl decided to arrive the morning of the NCAA tournament, so I've watched more basketball than I have been able to in years.

I'm sure many of you saw the UMBC team make history beating number one seeded Virginian in the first round. This was the first time, a sixteen seed has beaten a number one seed.

For a team like Virginia who just won the ACC tournament and was the second overall seed in the NCAA tournament, it was a devastating and unfathomable loss.

In the video above, Virginia's coach, Tony Bennet, handled the loss just about as well as anyone could. His press conference was first class.

He said, "You know a week ago we were cutting down the nets at the ACC tournament, and how good that felt. They (Virginia) had a historic season, they really did. And then we had a historic loss being the first one see to lose. So, um, that's life!"

That is life. As I watched this press conference with my baby girl in my arms, it couldn't help to remind me of the time about a year ago when we lost a child to a miscarriage.

It was a dark and challenging time for us. But, that is life. Sometimes when you're living at such a high, the next moment can drag you to your knees. It's not the loss that defines you; it's how you move forward from there that does.

I'm glad a sixteen seed finally beat a one seed. It's another example of not only hope in achieving against incredible odds but more importantly how to lose with grace, humility, and courage.