Daily Dose of Coach #268: Healthy Restaurant Go To's

One of the greatest struggles with eating well is eating out!

In working on my clean eating diet this month. The best option I've found around my hood called Zoe's Kitchen . It's basically meat and veggie sticks and salads.

But then we had a baby. And as a guest of my wife, I was delivered some pretty low-grade cafeteria food. Even when I ordered the chicken breast, it was the size of a silver dollar and tasted like cardboard. Let's just say the ability to maintain a healthy diet while not at home was severely compromised.

It's challenging to eat well when we travel. We tend to make choices when we are starving, and it's usually the closest thing to where we're staying or the first thing that catches our eye. But I found a cool website called HealthyDiningFinder.com that can help us all out.

You put in the zip code or city visiting and it provides restaurant options, their menu, nutritional facts, and even which items you can make healthier with special requests.

When choosing your meal try to remember the three rules of one or two servings of lean protein, one serving of vegetable and/or fruit and one serving of high quality-carbohydrate (grains, high-fiber). Stay away from soda's, sugary drinks and do your best to stick with the best deal at every restaurant, free water.