Daily Dose of Coach #270: Think on This: Don't Cheat Yourself

“Commitment is key. The moment you commit yourself all incidents, people, things that can happen that are positive come your way.” John Maxwell.

It's easy to quit. It's even easier to decrease your effort, but still say you're committed. Both are dead-ends. Both are cheating yourself.

When trying to accomplish a big goal, there will be times you think it's not worth it. You will lose focus on the big picture and only focus on the temporary pain. You'll think of all the other options that might not be so bad after all.

The best example I can think about right now was one week ago when my wife decided to have our baby with no epidural. This was a decision and commitment she made months before. No matter how crazy I told her she was. No matter how many of our friends and family tried to talk her out of it, she was all in.

During her 9 hours of intensive labor, she looked at me a few times and said, " I can't do it." But I knew she could. I've seen the fight in her; I knew she had all it took to do it. I knew her level of commitment was there. I calmly said, "You can do it."

As much as I wanted to ease her pain, her commitment inspired mine. I was just as all-in as she was. It ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of our life.

It's incredible how the world will bend towards you once you commit 100%. You'll also discover reserves and strength you never thought you had. But you have to keep going, even when it seems pointless, impossible, or everything has turned against you.

There's tremendous potential on the other side of genuine commitment. Don't miss it. Don't cheat yourself out of it.