Daily Dose of Coach #271: I am not Magic Johnson

Strength coach and combine training specialist, Chip Smith, posted a picture of the this year's NFL combine averages per position.

He said this, "The fastest 40 position average was defensive cornerback at 4.52. If the fastest position collectively is 4.52 do you really think you or your son runs below 4.5? For the record, they do not test with true electronic timing at the NFL Combine. It’s a hand held start and laser finish!"

He was trying to help parents understand that it's not as possible as they think for their child to run a 40 yard sprint under 4.5 seconds. And, in being in this business for years, one of the biggest frustrations we have as coaches is parents being unrealistic about their children's ability.

When I was in ninth grade and was a skinny little kid looking for anything to help me become a better basketball player. I read Magic Johnson's biography, and he talked about shoveling snow off the basketball court so he could practice.

At the time, we lived in a small apartment in Colorado. It had a basketball court in the middle of the complex. During the winter, it was covered in snow. Like Magic, I would move the snow around as much as possible and practice shooting as long as I could before I froze to death.

I'm not Magic Johnson. Though he was my boyhood hero growing up, I tried to do anything I could to play like him. But I wasn't a 6'9" freak athlete. I was a 5'5" skinny kid who just wanted to be a great basketball player.

Only a small percentage of people will ever be in the genetic "elite." God blessed these people with unique size and ability beyond standard human measures. But that doesn't mean we can't learn to do some of those things that make them the greatest.

Teaching children work ethic, being on time, finding ways to practice more, being a great teammate, having a great attitude are all things that will go farther than just focusing on performance.

Though we may never excel in the sports the way Magic Johnson did, focusing on these values early will set us up for success in anything we do.

To this day, I believe it was those things I started sacrificing at a young age that ingrained in me the work ethic and tenacity I have today.