Daily Dose of Coach #272: Metabolic Damage and Why You Can't Lose or Gain Weight

In recent days I've had some conversations with clients about why they can't seem to lose weight or body fat. Most are relatively healthy eaters and keep their calories to what they believe is a minimum for the weight they'd like to lose.

Some are serial dieters who go extreme now and then, but always find themselves right back where they started.

Because of these conversations, I'm reposting this article from Precision Nutrition called, "Can Eating Too Little Actually Damage Your Metabolism - Exploring the truths and fallacies of 'metabolic damage.'

It may take you 10-15 minutes to read but has some valuable information on energy balance, metabolism, if dieting damages your metabolism, and best strategies for losing fat and keeping it off.

Any questions or concerns you have I'm always here to discuss and help provide the options that you may need to help improve your nutrition for your goals.