Daily Dose of Coach #274: Think on This - No Crying in Leadership

“In the end, a leader can give up anything but final responsibility.” John Maxwell

The quote above is one of those statements that I have written down in many different places. And over the years, I've learned this is much more of a law than just a thought.

If you lead anything, a family, team, business, etc., the final responsibility falls on you. This was a difficult thing for me to accept as a young leader, especially through failure. It was easy to blame other people, circumstances and even that it just wasn't in the cards to succeed.

It was all just excuses. But leadership is all about taking responsibility and not making excuses.

Now and then my six year old son starts crying when we're playing baseball. He'll take a ball off the finger, or strikes out too many times. I can't help but say Tom Hank's famous line from A League of Their Own , "There's no crying in baseball!"

Same goes for leadership. There's no crying in leadership. Just responsibility and action.

Winston Churchill said, "The price of greatness is responsibility."

And just like learning to fail, the earlier you learn the importance of responsibility, the better off you'll be.