Daily Dose of Coach #262: Why I don't like "Cheat Days"

It's the weekend (hypothetically), and you've done a great job with your diet all week. And it's "cheat day!"

You deserve it. You've been measuring your calories, eating broccoli and veggies that you wouldn't regularly eat, and haven't had one glass of wine that you can remember.

You feel like a prisoner in your own home, feeling guilty for looking at anything your kids are packing down for dinner and doing your best not to catch the sweet aroma of anything like pizza.

So on the weekend, you pay back all those bad feelings with whatever you want. You eat and drink what makes you happy. But sitting there bloated and full, you think twice if limiting yourself for six days and cheating on the seventh is worth it. Here's why.

You've forced yourself to live in compliance, with not much freedom. It's like food communism. You live with a scarcity mindset. So when you chow down all day on Sunday, that evening you freak out because you know you have to go back to the treachery on Monday full of rules and dread.

And as you sit there with ice cream and Tostitos on your shirt, sipping on that 5th glass of wine, you're thinking about the kale you have to eat tomorrow morning somehow.

To get rid of cheat days you must think in abundance the entire week. As I've written about before, it's not about staying within your macros every day; it's about figuring out how eating clean and healthy works best for you.

Eat during the week, and eat well. Just make sure you are eating the right things. One palm of protein, 1-2 cupped handfuls of veggies, one fist of good carbs and a thumb of fat at three meals. Drink water and have one or two healthy homemade shakes per day. Even enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, just don't drink a bottle.

I promise if you do this you'll never feel like you are in food hell. I'm currently going through 60-days of clean eating, and there hasn't been one day that I've felt deprived. I have no desire for a cheat day because what I'm doing is good and right for my body.

Forget cheat days. Because I've observed and found is cheat days turn into cheat weeks. Do what's right for your body and think in abundance.