Daily Dose of Coach #281: Technique - The Dead Bug


There are two main reasons I like the Dead Bug exercise for core strength and stability.

The first is it gives you a great awareness of the movement of your lumbar spine while moving your upper and lower limbs. For example, if you do not "brace" or contract your abdominals while moving your arm or leg toward the floor, you'll feel your lower back start to come off the floor.

Second, it helps train a stable core through movement of the arms and hips. Many people cannot do this without moving their spine. As their legs and arms drop, their rib cage rises, and lower back comes off the ground.

This is important for developing overall core strength and a safe way to train stability or lack of movement in the spine while moving the arms and hips.

Here's how to perfect your dead bug:

-1- Start lying flat on your back with arms straight up, fingers pointed at the ceiling and legs bent at a 90-degree angle.

-2- Press your lower back to the floor by engaging your abdominals

-3- Inhale then slowly lower one arm and the opposite leg towards to floor.

-4- Only drop the arm and leg to where you feel you can control your lower back still pressed to the ground. Continue to brace your core.

-5-At the bottom of the movement exhale forcefully and hold for 3 to 5 seconds.

-6- Return in control to the top position and repeat on the other side.

You may not be able to control this movement by dropping both your arm and leg at one time. Regress this movement by keeping your arms in the same position and alternate dropping one leg at a time. Still, inhale at the beginning of the movement and forcefully exhale at bottom. Once you can control the movement of your hips start adding your arms.