Daily Dose of Coach #285: How Have You Changed Lately?

How have you changed in the last year? 2018? The last month? Or, even the previous week. What significant decisions have you made and followed through on that have helped provide a result you desired?

I ask this because it's easy to fall into a rut. Growth isn't something that happens overnight. It also doesn't happen if you pick and choose the days you feel workout best for you. Change, real progress is only found in what you change in your daily agenda.

The difference between a productive person and non-productive person is those things they commit to daily. You will never change anything in your life until you something you every day.

Now the real question is if you haven't changed much lately, what is just ONE thing you could start committing to on a daily basis that can start helping you make that change?

Where you are this time next year is based on those decisions you make today. If you are in the same spots, it's because your daily agenda will look the same as it is right now.

Think about how some of these simple examples would change your life in a year if you committed to them every day.

-Workout for at least 30 minutes a day

-Read something that improves the skills of your career for 30 minutes a day.

-Made healthy choices for at least three of your meals. Or, heck even started to eat a healthy breakfast.

-Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day

-Stretch for 10-15 minutes a day

-Putting your phone down when you get home from work and have quality conversations with your children and family.

-If you are an athlete, dedicating 15-30 minutes on a weakness or even improving a strength.

What are you preparing for today? Small changes practiced consistently well reap great rewards over time. Be patient, be persistent and stay committed.