Daily Dose of Coach #287: 12 Foods You Should Eliminate Eating Now

Here's a list of 12 foods that if you eliminate NOW can start having some real positive effects on your health and body composition.

Some of these are obvious. But still, try to make this list become extinct in your life.

-1- Artificial Sweeteners: Their negative health benefits outweigh lowering sugar intake.

-2-Processed Meats: A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found processed meats increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 19% and heart disease by 42%. Research also shows that the regular consumption of processed meats has a 67% greater chance of contracting pancreatic cancer versus those who consume little or no processed meats.

-3- Coffee Creamers: Not only are they high in sugar but reading the contents alone and seeing the oily residue that sits on the top of your coffee should be enough.

-4- Breakfast Cereals: A lot of processed sugar and carbs in these things. Don't buy into the high fiber, healthy cereal sales pitches either. There are plenty of other better breakfast options.

-5-Breads: While some whole grain options aren't bad, most bread has high calorie, high carb, and sugar contents. The more bread you can eliminate out of your diet, the better off you'll be.

-6- Soda: Duh. I put this in the category of knowing not to smoke cigarettes or not wearing your seatbelt.

-7- Tasty Coffee Drinks: If you're watching your calorie intake or trying to be health conscious at all, don't make this choice. Some of these drinks can be up to 1000 calories in the medium version.

-8- Potato Chips: Anything that comes in a bag, crunchy and leaves stuff on your fingers after you eat it, is a definite no.

-9- Cheap butter alternatives like Margarine: About everything you don't want in food is in Margarine. Try other alternatives like olive, avocado or grapeseed oil.

-10- Soups in a Can: They are full of sugars, salt, fats and artificial substances

-11- Frozen Meals and French Fries: Often chuck full of fat, sugar, and additives. Though delicious and easy to make for the kids, do everyone a favor and stop eating these.

-12- Most Fruit Juices: These are usually vitamin C infused sugar water drinks. Some contain as much sugar as popular soda drinks.