Daily Dose of Coach #292: Protein in a PInch

I find it more difficult to get my servings of protein during the day than any other macronutrient. And in consulting with many of my online nutrition clients, I know you feel the same.

Many days I'll be running short on time and unable to make a meal that includes the protein I need. So I came up with some protein in a pinch options.

These include foods you can either pack and take with you, or even find in your local 7-11.

They are listed top to bottom, best to the worst option:

-Greek Yogurt - plain if possible

-Hardboiled Eggs - my favorite "take to work" or quick protein option. Boil 4-6 as soon as you wake up in the AM. You can also generally find hard boiled eggs at grocery and some convenient stores.

-Cottage Cheese - This is an excellent snack if you can find or pack it in the serving size you need.

-Edamame- It's soy protein, but in a pinch, it works

-Protein Powder - pack a shaker bottle with a scoop of protein. Add water.

-String Cheese- One of the easiest ways to get some protein. Easy to pack and easy to find.

-Tuna Pouch - All you need is a fork

-Chocolate Milk - My favorite post workout and convenience store protein go-to

-Protein Bars - Try to get bars with least sugar content as possible

-Beef Jerky - Another one that's easy to find anywhere

-Yogurt of the flavored variety - Its better than nothing I guess, and pleasurable to the palate

-Deli Meat - The more I know about deli meat, the less I want anything to do with it. But if it's your only source of protein at that moment, it probably won't kill you.

Let me know of any other simple and quick options you use.