Daily Dose of Coach #277: If You Want to Start Eating Well

Many of us did not grow up with great role models for nutrition. Because of this, we're stuck with about 100 foods in our memory bank that we don't venture too far from. Many of these may not be the best choices for improving our health.

Learning to eat well for most of us is learning to eat new. It's learning new habits, new foods, and the developing the practices to do so.

When starting with my nutrition clients, I coach them through a new habit every two weeks.

Because the habits don't necessarily begin with food and food choices, I give them three guidelines. If you've read my emails, you've heard them before but their worth reiterating.

-1- Follow a not good meal with a healthy meal (following the portion and content guidelines I provide them)

-2- Drink 16oz (or at least 8oz) before every meal.

-3- Don't eat like an ahole. This is eating like a gluttonous ravenous animal, taking in entirely too much food, and/or eating like a child.