Daily Dose of Coach #305: With Swings, Focus on Power Not Reps

The kettlebell swing is a power exercise. As the Strong First Post that inspired me to write this said, "That's where the magic happens, in both performance and body composition."

The swing is one of those dual threat exercises that helps you both perform and look better. But it has to be done right and with bad intentions. When I say bad intentions, I mean with power!

The same Strong First post suggested, "Don't focus on the number of swings you do, focus on the power of your swings."

Even if you have a prescribed amount of reps that you are doing, focus on how powerful you are through the movement. If you can't maintain the violent action of the swing, then cease.

Use your breathing to help not only control the pattern. On the backswing sniff in sharply through the nose and forcefully exhale when you stand up. This helps to remind you of the mini-explosion you are making through the hips.

Don't waste your time with reps just for reps. Make each one count, be as explosive as possible and get all the benefits the swing can offer. If you want more info on how to perform the swing correctly, check out my post, Don't Squat Your Swing.