Daily Dose of Coach #296: Carbohydrates in a Pinch

Last week I wrote an article Protein in a Pinch . This week it's carbohydrates.

 Most of us don't have trouble finding carbs. But when in a time crunch and all you have is a local convenient store, there are a lot of options (mostly bad ones)

So, I've listed some ranked carb options. Grabbing one of these may help you not hit that mid-morning or afternoon sugar crash.

They are listed top to bottom, best to the worst option. And you'll see the good options start falling off quickly:

-Fresh Fruits - Banana's, Apples, Grapes, etc.

-Fruit Salads - Many stores will have small plastic containers of chunks of fruit, like pineapples, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.

-Dried Fruit - Get the unsweetened assortment

-Pretzels- Newmans or Snyders Organic Pretzels if you can find them.

-Crackers - Whole Grain and or Organic

-Granola Bar- Go with the oat based assortment

-Sports Drinks - Yes there is a lot of sugar, but these tend to pick you up in a sugar crash pinch and are better than the rest of the options.

-Chips - If you have to.

-Candy Bar - I've been known for saying snickers are just as bad for you as some "nutrition bars." Not sure if that is 100% true, but I guess as a last resort, this works.

-Pastries - Oh how a cream cheese bear claw will improve your day. Once again, if all the fruit, chips, crackers are sold out, either make the pastry choice or just suck it up and not eat anything.

-Sugar Candy- Grab a 44-ounce soda with it, and you're ready to go.

Let me know of any other simple and quick options you use.