Daily Dose of Coach #310: Coach, Why Do We Do Farmers Walks?

This is a question I get all too often. "Coach, why do we do farmer walks?"

If you don't know what that is or need a refresher, it's simply when you pick up two heavy dumbbells or kettlebells and walk with good posture for a certain distance.

I'm usually asked why we are doing farmer walks, or what's the point of farmer walks when a person is returning from wherever they're walking from. At this point, they are making different faces, doing their best to maintain posture, trying not to turn it into a fast walk or slow job, and or drop the dumbbells.

My quick response is it's a great exercise for building a strong foundation, core, and shoulder stability, as well as grip strength.

Grey Cook, founder of the functional movement screen, went into a little more detail on the strengthcoach podcast . He shared why farmer walks are great for building full body stability and integrity.

"Loaded carries (Farmer Walks) are one of the best ways to get your stabilizers to listen. What are stabilizers muscles? They are close to the bone, they are slow twitch, but they actually fire before your fast twitch muscles. They hold your skeleton together while your big muscles act as hydraulic levels moving you through space (the prime movers).

In heavy loaded carries, you really have to show us what kind of integrity (or stability) you have. And its a good biomarker of your strength that you have beyond postural integrity, is a bad rep, is loss of technique."

A strong foundation, joint stability, and integrity, capacity, grip strength. Go to my blog post, Technique - Farmer Walks , for a full rundown on how to execute this exercise.