Daily Dose of Coach #312: 5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Personal Trainer - Part 4

Today is the 4th post of 5 things to look for in hiring a personal trainer. The last three posts covered education , professional paperwork and tracking , and professional experience . Today will be about the most obvious thing you'll probably judge your prospective trainer on; looks.

4) What Your Trainer Looks Like

It's impossible not to judge how good your trainer is going to be by the way that they look. It's safe to say a trainer who is in good shape is someone who probably walks their talk, is an excellent example of health and fitness and can be an inspiring figure as your coach.

However, don't just assume because the trainer doesn't have six pack abs and bulging muscles they might not be legit. Some of the greatest trainers I know and even my first mentor did not have the greatest physique.

Instead of judging on how the trainer looks, notice how they present themselves. If your prospective trainer is jacked but shows up to your first meeting in a small tank top, hat on backward, and says "bro" a lot, I would steer clear.

Look for someone who presents themselves and speaks like a professional. Professionalism shows that this person is more interested in serving YOU. Even in gym clothes, trainers can dress, look and appear like they have a career, that this is not just a side hobby.

When you're hiring a trainer think of hiring any other health professional. You're doctor or therapist wouldn't show up to your room looking like they're on their way to a beach concert. And don't always judge your trainer on their physique. I call this the Yoda Principle . Yoda was not physically impressive, in fact, he walked with a cane. But he could yield a lightsaber with the best of them and trained the greatest Jedi's in the galaxy.