Daily Dose of Coach #316: 5 Things To Look for When Hiring a Personal Trainer - Part 5

Today is the final 5 things to look for in hiring a personal trainer. The last three posts covered education , professional paperwork and tracking , professional experience, and what your trainer looks like . The conclusive thing to look for when hiring a personal trainer is, solid word of mouth references and track record.

5) Solid word of mouth references and track record

Many of the services we buy come from recommendations from reputable people that we trust.

Hiring a personal trainer is no different. Ask those people who are closest to you. Use social media as a tool to get recommendations from "friends." Talk to other professionals in the health and fitness industry.

There's much more to who you should hire than just asking "who is a good personal trainer?"

Fact is, many people can like their personal trainer and recommend them just because they get along well with them. The other side of it is, does this trainer help people get results?

If you get an opportunity to speak to the trainer, ask about results he or she has obtained in the past. Ask for visuals if possible. Trainers with past success will usually have a website or some other marketing piece that puts on display, past accomplishments, results, and testimonials.

There are a million personal trainers out there willing to take your money. Make sure before hiring to do your research. If you happened to randomly walk into a gym and find a great trainer you're lucky!

 Before going that route, use these 5 posts as a guideline for finding the best match for you.