Daily Dose of Coach #238: Peformance Training Made Simple

It's essential to have a clear understanding for myself, my athletes and for their parents what the real and simple goal of performance training is.

Working with large numbers of athletes over the years, I think the picture sometimes gets blurry. This happens because of performance demands placed on, especially young athletes, where unrealistic growth in performance is expected in short periods of time.

The overall goal of performance training is to enhance physical qualities so that the skills of the athlete's sport are displayed at a higher level. Sound training allows the athlete to tolerate training loads of thousands of hours of coaching and development. This includes developing physiological reserves, strengthening the body to withstand training, practice and competition without getting injured, and ensure the athlete can continue to develop and stay on the field.

While it's easy to get caught up in the numbers of strength, speed, and power, it's much more important to look at the durability of the athlete. How has their training allowed them to improve their skills? How has their training allowed them to enhance the level these skills are put on display?

All athlete's need time to develop from a performance and skill side. I've found it best for the development of the athlete when the two work hand in hand. When one understands the other and especially when the performance side clearly understands it's role as developing a durable, robust and conditioned athlete for their sport.