Daily Dose of Coach #239: Think on This - Screw the Competition

“Focus on running the race rather than winning it. Do those things necessary to bring forth your personal best and don't lose sleep worrying about the competition. Let the competition worry about you." -John Wooden

This may be one of my favorite John Wooden quotes of all time. Coach Wooden was known for not scouting other teams. Instead, he focused on preparing his teams to do what they did on almost a flawless level.

He believed it wasn't necessary to worry about what the competition was doing. He wanted his team to be so prepared and so sound at what they did; all adjustments would have to be made by the opponent.

Today, no matter what you do, it's easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Social media presents a highlight film of other people's successes that can sometimes leave us feeling like we're not doing enough, or even good enough.

That's bull s#$t. Each one of us has something completely different to offer and in our own unique way. To paraphrase coach Wooden, focus on the necessary things to bring forth your personal best, don't lose sleep over anyone else.

It's never a matter of what this person or that person is doing. It's only a matter of what YOU are doing. How are you developing your unique abilities and strengths? What are those little things you're doing every day you won't get credit for until its game time?

Comparison is a trap that can lead to you doing things entirely outside of who you are and even feelings of depression and unworthiness. Don't get caught up in that BS.

Just do what you do. Do it smart, do it diligently, do it consistently, do it honestly and if other people want to worry, let them worry about you.